We are many Limbs of one Dancing Organism

Something is dancing. Take all the sciences together and only one definitive thread runs through them all: Being is moving. In the words of an ancient philosopher: Change is the only constant. The ladder of life starts at the molecular level, the dance of opposites within the vast biological diversity starts with the smallest microorganisms. [...]


Farid Ahmed: The Saint of Christchurch

It may be that Allah will grant love and friendship between you and those whom you now hold as enemies. For Allah has power over all things; And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Qurʾān 60:7)   Christchurch is still hard to read about. Fifty people murdered in cold-blood..it makes anyone with a shred of empathy [...]

The Varieties of Near-Death Experiences

Trouble in Paradise According to some research in the U.S.A., a whopping average of 774 near-death experiences happen per day. That includes "seeing the light", meeting deceased relatives, out-of-body experiences, life-reviews...this is happening every day to a lot of people. Names we might recognize, like Sharon Stone, Tracy Morgan, and Elizabeth Taylor join the long list [...]

Wim Hof Dances with the Unconscious

Derren Brown is a well-known illusionist, and professed skeptic. Gaining popularity for exposing strange ways in which people can be subconsciously manipulated, he orchestrated a fake Christian revival ceremony to expose how the effect of "healing" is achieved. The people in attendance were under the impression it was simply a "spiritual gathering", and had no [...]

Tripping Astronauts? Chris Hadfield and the Overview Effect

Astronaut Chris Hadfield described an intense experience aboard his spaceship, rocketing around the earth from thousands of miles above. It was a state of euphoria, wonder, awe, and a sense of unity with all of humanity while staring below at our "pale blue dot". He noted a fundamental change in his perception about everything; everything he'd [...]